Effects of Two Massage Protocols on Clinical Parameters of Swimming

Effect of two massage protocols on clinical parameters of swimming athletes: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Carvalho FA, Batista NP, Machado AF et al. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2019;14(6):S24-S24

This was a crossover clinical trial in which 21 young swimming athletes of competitive level undertook 12min of deep massage (DM), superficial massage (SM) and passive recovery (PR) after exercise. The athletes performed approximately 40min of general exercises including squats, push-ups, sit-ups, vertical jumps, burpees, mountain climbers and resisted upper arm exercises. The DM was applied in three different intensities for 3min on the anterior thighs, 3min on the upper arms and 6min on the back. The SM was applied superficially with only one intensity at the same sites and duration. For the PR the athletes maintained their normal routine out of the water. Before the beginning of the study the athletes were asked about their perceptions during a normal training session to consider the specificity of the modality. Then they rated these perceptions (wellbeing, heaviness, tiredness, discomfort and pain) by a 5-point Likert scale (nothing, little, moderate, very much, extremely) before and after the interventions.

The results showed that all clinical variables improved over time for both massage groups. For pain there was a significant small group effect that SM and DM interventions differed from PR but not from each other.

Co-Kinetic comment

Both worked. Another positive study for massage.