We respectfully ask that you continue to wear masks while in the clinic, this protects us and you as patients. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.

Loughborough Sports Massage

Sports massage can help with a wide range of sporting and everyday injuries, so whether you’re a sportsperson or member of the public, why not get in touch.

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Discover the power of Sports Massage


Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy, and includes deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and trigger point therapy. Some might find it uncomfortable, but it is very effective at restoring optimal muscle length and decreasing tension within muscle tissue.

Sports Massage not only benefits athletes but can help anyone. It can help individuals who experience aches and pains on a daily basis e.g from sitting at a desk all day, or driving long distances through to those who have physically demanding jobs. It can also help your mental wellbeing, as emotional stress and anxiety can often produce similar symptoms to that of a sportsperson.

Clients in our Loughborough Sports Massage clinic
Savva Filactou, Loughborough sports massage therapist
Sports Massage in action

Savva Filactou Acertsal MHFT


Sports massage is as beneficial for everyday injuries as it is for sports-related ones. For many years Savva has worked with both elite athletes and the general public to help them deal with their aches, strains and more debilitating pains. He uses his professional training combined with many years of experience in sports massage to create a truly individually tailored treatment for each client.

When providing sports massage treatments, we will assess you to discover the cause of your pain or discomfort and then work with you to effect a positive change, which may happen straight away or over a number of sessions. How long it takes for each person to return to full health depends on a number of factors, so we don’t like to make any promises – sometimes a condition may improve straight away, while sometimes, it may require a number of sessions.

Sports massage can help with a wide range of sporting and everyday injuries, so whether you’re a sportsperson or member of the public, why not get in touch and see how Savva can help.

SF sports massage is proud to have worked with Loughborough University, British Swimming and


Our full protocols and recommendations for the practice, including a checklist, are available on request. Included in this will be an informed consent form that we will be requiring all patients to sign prior to treatment.

Any further questions please contact me via email info@sfsportsmassage.co.uk.

Our new protocols and recommendation:

  • Your sports masseuse will be wearing a mask and apron.
  • Face covering and visors to be worn by your sports masseuse when clients are in a supine position.
  • Wearing of facemasks by visitors is compulsory.
  • All visitors will undergo a temperature check on arrival.
  • Visitors to the clinic must use hand sanitiser provided.
  • Appointments to be 15 minutes apart (minimum) to allow ventilation and thorough cleaning of the rooms.


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