60mins : £38, 45mins : £30, 30mins : £25

Sports Massage Loughborough

My name is Savva Filactou and i am a qualified therapist in advanced massage and bodywork techniques based at Loughborough University.


Whilst Holistic Massage is primarily a relaxing treatment,the more effective treatment for your condition may be Sports Massage (Remedial Massage) as it is a more specific remedial treatment aimed at treating injuries.  Sports Massage is also good for easing tension that has built up in the muscles by remaining immobile for long periods of time in a job that is sedentary – ‘you do not have to be an avid sports person to benefit from Sports Massage’  If you are not sure which treatment is right for you feel free to contact me via my Contact page.


I have experience in treating various conditions including back pain, neck and shoulder tension or pain,tennis elbow and many other muscular-skeletal aches and pains. I also have vast experience in helping sporting enthusiasts of all standards continue to enjoy their favourite sport whether they play for fun or regularly take part in competitive sporting events.


As each person is a unique individual, a full assessment will be taken at the initial appointment(updated at every appointment) to gain the vital information required to tailor your treatment to YOU!  Even if one person presents the same symptoms as another, the treatment they receive will be completely different.


As a highly professional individual i belong to several governing bodies.I am committed to continually update and add to my skills set in order to bring my clients many aspects to my treatments.


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