Testing Range of Movement

Does your therapist test you? Testing range of movement is vital in helping identify muscles responsible for poor joint function.
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One hour £45
Forty five minutes £35
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Sports massage deals with the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body and has many benefits. My sports massage is not only for sports people and sports injuries, but is very much used as a specific treatment of the muscles and soft tissues of the body for anybody!

SPORTS MASSAGE - Not only for athletes

Sports massage can be used to treat anyone with musculoskeletal injury, pain or dysfunction, caused by sports exercise, or simply life's stresses. It differs from other types of massage in that it uses a wide range of soft tissue techniques, so that I am able to be much more specific.

As a result treatments are tailored to your needs. It is used as regularly for office workers as it is for athletes for example. For sports people a good sports massage is invaluable in helping with injuries, and improving performance, and recovery. People with sedentary, office based jobs often get pain and dysfunction in muscles and joints due to inactivity combined with poor posture,

Trusted by Elite Athletes

Over the years I have looked after elite athletes. But don't believe that because I am used to helping athletes that I do not want to help you!
You are welcome. As I look after top athletes, I will also provide the same for your best recovery. Even if you are not an athlete you deserve the same care.

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